Tracey Caswell

Tracey Caswell was born to a prominent entrepreneurial family at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As was the custom of the day, she married early and had her daughter at age 18 and son at 22. In 1984 she left her real estate career behind when she, the children and her new Bermudian husband moved to Bermuda. The next two decades found her running a residential guest business for tourists and new Bermuda residents. Another result of her relocation: she became the lady to see for help in adjusting to island living — the catalyst for her first book Tea with Tracey. Subtitled “The Woman’s Survival Guide to Bermuda”, it was an overnight success, filling a hole in the market for the many new folks arriving on the island. Now in its 4th printing and completely updated 3rd edition!

In Bermuda it was also time to turn her prodigious energy to charitable works in the fields of education, politics, women’s health and feline assistance. Her two books and her newsletter articles are all works of non-fiction based on significant research and a ten-year study of metaphysics. Her writing style appeals to a wide audience and tends to be “light” with an intentional injection of humour.

Now, as a wife, mother and grandmother, she strives to give gifts with meaning and her second book Twelve Nights with Tracey is a primer on how one might, with little resources, create a gift of love, fun and experiences for all to remember their whole life long. The book chronicles not just Twelve Nights but is a story of inspiration she hopes will spread not only throughout the island, but even beyond its pink sandy shores.

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